16 October 2009

Increase your fitness while fighting crime - two for the price of one!

People sometimes assume that the reason I’m so strong and toned is because I’m a superhero. I’m constantly telling them that I have always been fit, even before my crime-fighting days begun. I know a good sports person when I see one.

Last weekend I was really impressed with the fitness and dedication of five talented individuals who ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon on behalf of Crimestoppers. The race was a whopping 13.1 miles long and winds through a series of London’s great parks. Congratulations and thank you to our runners for the hard work they put into the event! I’ve awarded you all superhero stripes for your efforts.

Get more information on running the marathon with Crimestoppers on the Crimestoppers website or contact the lovely Emma. Remember to tell her that the Caped Crimestopper sent you!

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