27 October 2009

Crime costumes and big decisions

It's Halloween this Saturday and I'm trying to think of a costume to wear. My superhero outfit is usually suitable for every occasion, but I feel like trying something different this year. Being passionate about crime-fighting, I want to stick to a crime-inspired costume.

I'm quite lucky - being a good looking guy means that I can pull off most costumes easily. When it comes time for Mask of Manuel to choose his costume, I can't image he'll have as many suitable options as me.

My first choice of costume was made by a Japanese designer who wanted to come up with an outfit that would allow wearers to avoid crime. It's got to be the ultimate disguise - a skirt that transforms into a life-size vending machine. I love the idea that crime has inspired such an ingenious and amazing costume. My only worry is how my legs will look in the red skirt and whether I can source one from Japan in time for Halloween.

I was also thinking of going out as Jack the Ripper. This time, my worry is that too much of my lovely legs will be covered up. I also am unsure about dressing as a criminal as I'm so passionate about catching them.

My third and final choice is dressing as the classic crime-solver Sherlock Holmes. The hat is a little old fashioned though and I consider myself a modern kind of guy...

Are you planning on dressing up for Halloween? If you are, would you consider a crime-inspired costume? I'm keen to hear which of my costume ideas is your favourite so be sure to let me know.

Happy crime-fighting

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