23 February 2011

One down...nine to go!

Less than one day into an international crackdown on Britain's most wanted criminals an arrest has already been made! Wow! And I thought I worked fast (despite my advancing years before you ask).

Operation Captura - which launched on Monday - is the campaign run by the charity Crimestoppers and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). The campaign works to catch the UK's most wanted criminals who are believed to be on the run in Spain - otherwise known as the 'Costa crooks.'

Most wanted fugitive Everardus WIJTVLIET was arrested at roughly 6.30pm Monday evening in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, where officers from the Spanish National Police swooped in and caught the first of the ten.

The remaining nine fugitives are now thought to be running scared (and who can blame them) as 39 out of the 60 wanted under Operation Captura have now been caught. They can run but they can't hide!

21 February 2011

Criminals hiding on the Costa beware as Operation Captura returns!

Once again the crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers is cracking down on criminals on the run in the Spanish Costas.

Teaming up with the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), Crimestoppers has today launched the sixth batch of appeals under Operation Captura to catch some of the UK's most dangerous criminals. Wanted for serious crimes including murder, drugs trafficking and child sex offences, these guys are really some of the worst I've seen in all my years of fighting crime.
Launched in Alicante, an area of Spain with a large ex-pat community and a potential hideout for fugitives on the run, Crimestoppers also works with Spanish police to catch some of the most dangerous criminals from the UK who try to escape to the Spanish Costas.
The campaign works because members of the public use the Crimestoppers website to view these criminals and know that they can contact the charity with information and never be identified.
The Crimestoppers anonymity promise has never been broken in the 23 years that the charity's been running. People can give information via the 0800 555 111 hotline or through the online giving information form.
See if you can help catch some of Britain's worst crooks...

7 February 2011

Young people to become Fearless against crime in the Isle of Man

Young people in the Isle of Man are to become Fearless in the fight against crime as the charity Crimestoppers launched its service for young people in the region.

The all-day launch event was held on 5 February at the Strand Shopping Centre in Douglas. Kicking off at 9am, it featured young people from Douglas Royal Ladies Football and Ballakermeen High School, who backed the launch.

Crimestoppers representatives were also on hand to get members of the public involved.

Fearless is the youth brand of crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers. The service includes the website fearless.org - which contains useful information on crimes that affect young people and provides them with a platform to give information about crime anonymously.

Information about crime can also be given via the Crimestoppers website and the hotline 0800 555 111.
Check out fearless.org now!