28 October 2009

Beware of the dog? Burglars don't think so

While Mask of Manuel's post about the woman that pretended to be a dog was funny, I still won't be putting a Beware of the dog sign by my front door. Ex-burglar Michael Fraser (of BBC's 'To Catch a Thief' and 'Beat the Burglar', as well as Channel 4's 'One Last Job') wrote a fascinating piece for Crimestoppers on deterring burglars and one of his tips is not hanging a Beware of the dog or I love cats sign by your door.

Michael argues that most pet owners don't have house alarms and some leave back doors open for their animals, so a sign like this could be attracting criminals as opposed to deterring them. You can read more of Michael's great tips in his article Adopt a burglars way of thinking on the Crimestoppers website.

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