29 October 2009

Love football, hate football violence

Help put a stop to it now

The Spaniards are a passionate race. We love good food, good wine and of course, good football. I love Barcelona and, like all football fans with good taste, was ecstatic with their Champions League win last year. The moment we toppled Man U in last year's final was amazing, words can't describe how ecstatic I was.

While I think the game of football is phenomenal, I don't like the violence that is sometimes associated with it. The majority of fans go to games to watch and enjoy them. A minority go to fight and cause trouble.

The West Ham v Millwall Carling Cup match on Tuesday 25 August at Upton Park was particularly rough. A 44-year-old male Millwall fan was stabbed in the chest outside the ground during large-scale trouble. Fathers were running from the scene with their kids and local shops shut to try and avoid getting caught up in the trouble.

If you're like me and love football, but hate football violence, now's your chance to help put a stop to it. Crimestoppers has published images of 66 people wanted in connection with violence at the West Ham v Millwall match. The charity is now appealing to the public to help identify them.

Why not have a look and see if you know any of them? By helping identify football hooligans you'll be helping send a message that most fans don't like, and won't tolerate, violence getting in the way of our sport.

Look at images of the wanted football hooligans.


  1. I love football, hate violence. The hooligans are a minority who ruin a good day for many football fans to watch the game and show support for the team they follow. I posted an article on my blog and to read it click on the link below.


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