2 October 2009

Confused superheroes

Now I don’t mind members of the public wanting to play the part of a superhero. Of course, being a superhero myself for the charity Crimestoppers, I would actively encourage people to play their part in the fight against crime. But when people phone our call centre to tell us about their pretence at being a superhero, I must admit it makes my blood boil.

Let me clarify.

There is a man who calls Crimestoppers’ call centre on a regular basis, claiming to be Spiderman.

Furthermore, almost everyone at the call centre has spoken to an individual, who only calls at night, to tell them that he is wearing tights.

A Robin Hood wannabe and a phony Spiderman. Two men in tights and no substance to their claims.

Anyone could be a Crimestoppers superhero - fighting crime without revealing their identity. But they should call the charity to pass on information about crime and criminals in their communities, not to tell us that they are dressed as superheroes (and second rate ones at that).

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