24 August 2010

Could you pass the beer goggle challenge?

Well, the people of Lincoln tried to do just that. The challenge involved trying to carry a tray of drinks whilst wearing ‘beer goggles’ which simulated the feeling of being drunk. Not an easy task I’m sure… but then of course I wouldn’t know. I was asked to take on the challenge but flying with beer goggles on is something I would never attempt!

The challenge was all part of a campaign run by my friends at East Midlands Crimestoppers. The Gauge Your Behaviour campaign ran from 16 July to 6 August 2010 and has been confirmed as a huge success!

In fact, the three-week criminal damage campaign reached hundreds of people in the city and reports so far show that it has led to dozens of calls from people giving anonymous information about crime in the area.

The campaign, which featured the message ‘Your night out, Your city, Your call’ also included advertising on the outside of Lincoln’s taxis and staff in the city’s pubs and bars wore the highly fashionable Gauge Your Behaviour T-shirts.

I'd say that the message that Crimestoppers tackles criminal damage has now been fully 'en-gauged!'

20 August 2010

Be rewarded for helping to stop vandalism and robbery in Aston!

Having just returned from a fantastic summer holiday back home in Spain I am now seriously lacking in funds.

Sadly though, crime doesn’t take a holiday so I am eager to get back to tackling those bad guys.

So, when I heard that Crimestoppers have launched a campaign to tackle vandalism and robbery - with the added benefit of cash rewards for actionable information - I thought that all my problems were solved in one go!

The six-week campaign has two messages:

Name that Tag – which encourages members of the public to identify graffiti in the Aston area of Birmingham and stop vandals ruining their streets.

The second part - Cashing in on thieves – uses posters with the message '30 seconds to steal, 1 minute to call Crimestoppers.’ This highlights how quickly a thief can strike but how easy it is to call Crimestoppers anonymously with information.

Both parts of the campaign highlight the reward system in place for those people who give information to the independent charity.

So, help do your bit in the fight against crime and a cash reward could be yours!

If you would like to give information anonymously about vandalism, robbery or any other crime you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or fill out our untraceable online Giving Information Form.

17 August 2010

Join Thames Valley Crimestoppers at open day event!

Have you ever wondered just how us crime-fighters do our job?
Well, now you can find out…and I’m not talking about watching CSI on TV! No, you can come and find out in person at the Thames Valley police open day event.
 Representatives from the independent charity Crimestoppers will be there to launch their Most Wanted website, which will be used to catch criminals wanted by police in Thames Valley.

Above: The Thames Valley Crimestoppers tent at the 2009 Open Day
There’s plenty to do at this great day out; you can have a look around the Force Museum which is packed with the history of Thames Valley Police, or meet some of the officers from the Force’s specialist departments – giving you a sneaky insight in their work behind-the-scenes.

One of the main attractions of the day is the police helicopter which will be manned by the Chiltern Air Support Unit; just take a look at this video clip of it in action!

The Roads Policing department will also be there with various vehicles and animal lovers will be pleased to see the mounted and dog sections.

So what are you waiting for? I’ve got my ticket already!

13 August 2010

Crimestoppers launches summer drink driving campaign in Channel Islands

Drivers in Jersey are being reminded that drink driving is unacceptable as Crimestoppers in both Jersey and Guernsey launch a summer awareness campaign.

The awareness campaign also has the support of the States of Jersey Police and actor, Sean Arnold. I used to watch Sean in the detective series 'Bergerac' years ago playing the part of Inspector Crozier.

My friends at Jersey Crimestoppers have told me that so far this year, just over 100 drivers have been arrested on suspicion of drink driving and the figures from previous years show that the number of arrests climbs into several 100 year in, year out.

It's believed that there could be a hard core of people, who know drink driving is wrong, dangerous and illegal but are still prepared to take the risk, maybe because they think they won’t get caught. So Crimestoppers is taking action!

Watch the film: Don't let them get away with it.

11 August 2010

Merseyside launches award to find top community Crimestopper

My friends at Merseyside Crimestoppers have teamed up with the newspaper Liverpool Echo to find the region's top Crimestopper.

The award aims to honour those in the community who work extra hard to make the streets a safer place, but do not always get the recognition they deserve.

This may be a Crimestoppers volunteer, someone who has raised money for Crimestoppers or any other an individual who has made a notable contribution in the fight against crime (including yours truly!)

The five winners - one from each borough of Merseyside - will be invited to a black-tie (or black cape) awards ceremony held by Merseyside Crimestoppers Awards. I’ve been told that the event will be held in October, when one overall winner will be announced.

You can nominate your top Merseyside Crimestopper by sending an e-mail to Ben Rossington at the Liverpool Echo.

The closing date for nominations is 3 September 2010 so get voting!

10 August 2010

Chris Preddie

Chris Preddie, a member of Crimestoppers' youth team, presents workshops to young people on crime and Fearless, the charity's brand for young people. When people young and old meet Chris, they're always won over by his charisma and down to earth attitude.

I thought I'd post the below video about Chris so those who aren't still at school or college can learn more about him and see what he is up to.

6 August 2010

Calling everyone who wants to help fight crime in Scotland!

With Scottish descendants myself, there is a place in my heart for the people of Scotland. That’s why when Scotland Crimestoppers asked me to spread the word about getting people to complete their survey, I was only too happy to help.

Scotland Crimestoppers has a short survey about public perceptions of serious organised crime that I’d like you all to fill out. It takes less than 5 minutes and you could win a prize! If you complete the survey you will go in a draw to win £100 worth of Amazon vouchers! Spread the word…

Complete the survey here.

Rest assured that the survey will help our friends at Scotland Crimestoppers in the fight against crime and you may of course win some goodies. A win-win scenario in my eyes and you don’t get many of those!

Granny Robyn

4 August 2010

Notting Hill Carnival

Summer is now in full swing and for the capital that means Notting Hill Carnival is coming soon.

The bank holiday bash, held on Sunday, August 28, and the following day, promises to be another stunning celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture and I’ll be out dancing on the streets to add a bit of Espanole into the mix.

I’m even thinking about adding some sequence and feathers to my guise and join in to show the crowds some of my own moves. The festival even takes its name from Masquerade after all.

But while most of us will be out to have a good time, some will be looking to do us out of our belongings.

To help us keep safe, the organisers of the event have put together great pieces of advice to make sure we do what we can to reduce the risk of becoming victims.

In fact the safety section of the Notting Hill Carnival website offers some wise words for anyone heading out to a big event.

Alerting police to any unattended bags, deciding a meeting point with friends and family at the start of the day, leaving valuables at home and planning your way home before heading out to join the party are just a few of the good suggestions.

As a crime fighter myself, I think it’s important we keep our streets safe, and following these points will make sure we enjoy a few of the good things in life – food, dance and music.

There is also some crime prevention information on the Crimestoppers website to help us do what we can to keep criminals at bay.

Anyone who wants to report a crime, but does not want to talk to police, can always call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or use the secure online form on the Crimestoppers website to pass on what they know.

2 August 2010

Five places left for the Royal Parks Half Marathon

As a superhero, I have to keep myself in tip-top condition to make sure I’m at my best to catch criminals.
There’s no such thing as off-duty in this business, so I’m always keeping a watchful eye when I’m out for a run on the streets and through the parks where I live.

To push myself even further, I’m thinking about entering a half marathon before setting my sights even higher and take on a full marathon.

I’ve begun my training and already caught the bug  - once you get into the habit, it can become addictive and it’s a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.

For many, the events can also help supporters fundraise for charities and that includes Crimestoppers.
Like all good causes, it needs cash to help it continue its work.

Among the events Crimestoppers is championing is the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday, October 10. Crimestoppers is offering guaranteed places for the day, which will take joggers through just over 13 miles of London parks, leading them past Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye, through to Marble Arch and past the Royal Albert Hall.

Those up for the challenge need to pay £20 to cover their registration fee and pledge to raise at least £300.
In return, Crimestoppers will pass on a fundraising pack jammed full of tips and materials to help them gather sponsorship, access to a dedicated team who will offer help and advice and even an enthusiastic cheering squad to help drive them along the route on the day.

Runners also get an exclusive vest to pull on for the run too.

The support is also on offer to anyone who runs on behalf of the charity, with gold bonded places also available for the London Marathon in April next year. Perhaps that could be my second victory?

Would you like to run Royal Parks? Crimestoppers only has five places left so if you want one then email the Crimestoppers events team at events@crimestoppers-uk.org or give Jess a call on 020 8254 3200.