12 October 2009

Funny Monday

Did you know that 19 criminals are arrested and charged every day as a result of information passed on to Crimestoppers?

Amongst all the incredibly useful calls we get, there are a few bizarre ones too. Here are a few of the funny ones to brighten your Monday.
  • We heard from an anxious caller who told us about a man who was driving with two broken arms and a damaged leg (and that was before he hit anybody!)

  • We were told by what sounded like a completely sane and plausible male caller that he had just seen Osama Bin Laden leaving Tescos

  • We also had a woman call in complaining that while angry her husband had sabotaged the central heating boiler.

Enjoy the start to your week and remember that everyone has the power to be a superhero with Crimestoppers - fight crime without revealing your identity by filling out our anonymous online form.

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