24 August 2010

Could you pass the beer goggle challenge?

Well, the people of Lincoln tried to do just that. The challenge involved trying to carry a tray of drinks whilst wearing ‘beer goggles’ which simulated the feeling of being drunk. Not an easy task I’m sure… but then of course I wouldn’t know. I was asked to take on the challenge but flying with beer goggles on is something I would never attempt!

The challenge was all part of a campaign run by my friends at East Midlands Crimestoppers. The Gauge Your Behaviour campaign ran from 16 July to 6 August 2010 and has been confirmed as a huge success!

In fact, the three-week criminal damage campaign reached hundreds of people in the city and reports so far show that it has led to dozens of calls from people giving anonymous information about crime in the area.

The campaign, which featured the message ‘Your night out, Your city, Your call’ also included advertising on the outside of Lincoln’s taxis and staff in the city’s pubs and bars wore the highly fashionable Gauge Your Behaviour T-shirts.

I'd say that the message that Crimestoppers tackles criminal damage has now been fully 'en-gauged!'

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