1 September 2010

‘Weed out’ those criminals supplying cannabis in Scotland

I saw in the news yesterday how a staggering £3 million worth of cannabis was seized by police in Scotland. It makes Granny Robyn very pleased to see such a tremendous victory in the fight against crime! Especially as the four men found to be supplying the huge stock of cannabis are now where they belong – behind bars!

But it raises the question; where does the cannabis come from in the first place?

Well, in recent years the Scottish Police Service has
uncovered a growing number of cultivations in both rural and urban areas of Scotland where cannabis is being grown on a commercial scale.

Luckily, Scotland Crimestoppers have responded to the problem by launching the national ‘Weed Them Out’ campaign. The campaign highlights the tell-tale signs to look out for to catch those people growing cannabis. It’s very important that we all keep a watchful eye out for cannabis cultivations as they are often found in residential areas.

Some of the signs to look out for are:

  • The windows of the property are permanently covered from the inside, often with foil or bin bags. There may be a build up of condensation on the glass.

  • Pungent smells may emanate from the premises, or excessive use of air fresheners or moth balls to disguise the aroma.
  • Noise coming from equipment on the premises, e.g. fans or heaters.

  • There may be vents coming out of the roof or rear windows.

  • The cannabis or by-products, such as used fertiliser, may be removed in black bin bags, laundry bags or suitcases.

  • Tenants do not live on the premises and only make short visits, daily or weekly to maintain them.

  • Powerful lights on all day or night.

  • Compost bags or gardening equipment may be left outside the rear of the premises.

  • Visits to the premises can occur at unusual times of the day or night.

If you would like to give information anonymously about a possible cannabis cultivation or any other crime you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or fill out our untraceable online Giving Information Form.

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