20 August 2010

Be rewarded for helping to stop vandalism and robbery in Aston!

Having just returned from a fantastic summer holiday back home in Spain I am now seriously lacking in funds.

Sadly though, crime doesn’t take a holiday so I am eager to get back to tackling those bad guys.

So, when I heard that Crimestoppers have launched a campaign to tackle vandalism and robbery - with the added benefit of cash rewards for actionable information - I thought that all my problems were solved in one go!

The six-week campaign has two messages:

Name that Tag – which encourages members of the public to identify graffiti in the Aston area of Birmingham and stop vandals ruining their streets.

The second part - Cashing in on thieves – uses posters with the message '30 seconds to steal, 1 minute to call Crimestoppers.’ This highlights how quickly a thief can strike but how easy it is to call Crimestoppers anonymously with information.

Both parts of the campaign highlight the reward system in place for those people who give information to the independent charity.

So, help do your bit in the fight against crime and a cash reward could be yours!

If you would like to give information anonymously about vandalism, robbery or any other crime you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or fill out our untraceable online Giving Information Form.

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