13 August 2010

Crimestoppers launches summer drink driving campaign in Channel Islands

Drivers in Jersey are being reminded that drink driving is unacceptable as Crimestoppers in both Jersey and Guernsey launch a summer awareness campaign.

The awareness campaign also has the support of the States of Jersey Police and actor, Sean Arnold. I used to watch Sean in the detective series 'Bergerac' years ago playing the part of Inspector Crozier.

My friends at Jersey Crimestoppers have told me that so far this year, just over 100 drivers have been arrested on suspicion of drink driving and the figures from previous years show that the number of arrests climbs into several 100 year in, year out.

It's believed that there could be a hard core of people, who know drink driving is wrong, dangerous and illegal but are still prepared to take the risk, maybe because they think they won’t get caught. So Crimestoppers is taking action!

Watch the film: Don't let them get away with it.

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