12 February 2010

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Valentine's Day - it's everywhere. Papers are full of articles about Valentine's Day gift ideas and the ones that aren't contain dating advice for those of us who are single. I'm a pretty creative guy and have had a list of gift ideas ready for this Sunday for quite some time. 

I've been waiting for my Wonder Woman to come along and when she does I'm ready with some great presents and a winning grin. Unfortunately though (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), there's no leading lady in my life just yet. I don't want my gift ideas that I've worked so hard on to go to waste so I thought I'd share them with you.

So if you do have a date for this Sunday and you haven't got them a special something yet, don't worry, the Caped Crimestopper is here to prevent you being put in the dog house.

Home baking - Nothing says 'love' (or lust) like a homemade cake. Unless it's done the right way, cake can be a bit corny though. Ladies, take it from a me - most men don't like things covered in hearts. If I had a date this Valentine's Day, I'd be making them a cake that represents 'us' and what the common things we enjoy, like this Batman cake.

An 'experience' - An outing can be a great gift, mainly because you'll also benefit from it. The only risk here is if you give the object of your desire tickets and then instead of taking you along, they take someone else along instead. Ouch. To prevent this happening, why not meet up with your valentine on Sunday and take them with you to somewhere romantic, like the crime museum.

Novelty value - Depending on your partner, a novelty gift could also be a hit. My personal favourite is the classic fluffy handcuffs. They may not scream class but they do show an interest in law enforcement in a way that only a trip to crime museum could otherwise.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? Let me know if you've got any gift ideas that should be added to my list for next year.

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