8 February 2010

Did you know?

Telling people I'm a superhero for Crimestoppers tends to prompt a lot of questions. At first people want to know if that's how I keep my body in such great shape. Once I've answered that (and it can take hours of explaining, believe me!) people are keen to know about Crimestoppers and what the charity does.

It's been a bit too cold and miserable lately to be outside much so I've decided to do a bit of DYK (standing for 'did you know') instead of DIY. Below are the three questions that I most commonly get asked by people about Crimestoppers. Read up and get informed. You never know, this information might just win you a pub quiz one day.

1. Is Crimestoppers is the only organisation in the United Kingdom that allows members of the public to anonymously pass on information about crime?
Yes, Crimestoppers is the only organisation in the UK that allows people to anonymous pass on information about crime. You can pass on information to Crimestoppers by calling us on 0800 555 111, filling out our anonymous online form or texting 88551 with information about knife crime.

2. What does it mean when you say the service is anonymous?
Crimestoppers is anonymous because your name and identity isn't known by us or made public. Calls and online forms are not traced and no personal details (not even gender) about those who contact us are taken down. Find out more about Crimestoppers and anonymity.

3. What happens if I call Crimestoppers?
Why not watch the short video below about calling Crimestoppers if you want to know more about how calls are taken?

If you've got any questions about Crimestoppers and the work we do, get in touch.

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