17 February 2010

Royal Parks Half Marathon - are you ready?

I've never been very good at keeping New Years resolutions. Every January I make big promises - only drinking sangria on weekends, calling my mama more often etc - but they don't often materialise. This year I thought that if I only chose one resolution then I might find it easier to keep it. After much thought I decided ponerse en forma - to get fit.

Since I left my teenage years I've slowly been developing a bit of a spare tire (or a 'tum' as I prefer it to be known, sounds cuter that way). The Caped Crimestopper (who prides himself on his fitness) suggested I do some running.

I've started slowly - running a mile still makes me puff - but I'm hoping to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon at some point. Royal Parks is a half marathon held in October that takes in scenic parks and sites of London. It's half the distance of the marathon, containing it's best bits.

Crimestoppers has charity places available for this year's Royal Parks Half Marathon. If you think running to a target would work for you, why not sign up? You can email the events team (events@crimestoppers-uk.org) to find out more. If a half marathon is too far (or not far enough!) then never fear, you're able to complete pretty much any event on behalf of Crimestoppers as an own place runner.

If you've got any good fitness tips, let me know! I'm up for the challenge - are you?

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