18 February 2010

Please rob me

A new website, Please rob me, is highlighting how much information people are unwittingly sharing via social networking websites. Please rob me shows tweets from Twitter in which users are disclosing that they're out of the house. Tweets on the site are updated in real time, demonstrating that every minute people around the world are revealing too much to potential criminals.

While it may seem like a drastic approach, Please rob me is making a valid point - any information posted online is essentially available for the world to see and use. It seems that some people get so caught up in posting and communicating online that they don't think about the potential consequences of their actions. Think twice before posting anything that could leave you vulnerable to crimes including burglary and identity theft.

You wouldn't hang a sign on your door saying you're in Thailand for two weeks, so why would you post this online?

Next time I’m heading out to fight crime, I’ll be sure not to post it on Facebook until after I’ve safely returned home.

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