11 February 2010

Police sniffer dogs - don't kiss them

When I see police sniffer dogs, I sometimes feel an urge to pat them. I never have patted one though; as a superhero I try to work with law enforcement as opposed to annoying them. Bravo for my will power!

One man in Australia didn't display such tact; the man was drinking at the Mean Fiddler pub in Rouse Hill, outer Sydney, when he decided to try to pat and kiss a police dog that accompanied officers into the venue. The man became aggressive after refusing requests from the police to leave the dog, Bodie, alone. Officers eventually subdued the man with capsicum spray and later arrested him.

Now, I was quite surprised that a man could be arrested for kissing a dog.

When interviewed about the incident by a local paper, Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Murray said: "The police dog is considered to be part of the policing contingent and the same security measures are taken as if it was a police officer."

There you go, lesson learnt. I'll definitely stick to eyeing off only my bag and not the hounds when I'm at airport carousels in the future!

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