23 December 2009

Funny calls to Crimestoppers: Osama bin Laden does some shopping at Tesco and more

I’d call myself a serious kind of guy. It’s fair to say that I rarely crack a smile when I’m suited and booted…or rather cloaking and, even though I say so myself, looking smoking. But when I read the latest funny calls received by Crimestoppers, I couldn’t help but laugh.

For example, our call handlers received a call from a prisoner complaining that his toilet roll had been stolen, and a woman suspicious of her bald neighbour using a hairdryer early in the morning. They also heard from a man who was certain he’d just seen Osama bin Laden leaving his local Tesco, and a caller who wanted to complain that a drug dealer had sold him tree bark instead if skunk.

Despite the hilarity, there is of course a very serious crime-fighting message too. Crime doesn’t take a break for Christmas and some crimes even increase over this period. The charity Crimestoppers is available to take information about crimes year-round, even on Christmas day.

Enjoy the funny stories crime-fighters, but don’t forget that you can be a superhero too. Just contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or fill out the secure online form on the charity’s website to pass on information about crime anonymously.

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