5 January 2010

The stolen gear of an ecstasy collector

I’m a little confused by a Dutchman who reported his collection of ecstasy pills as stolen to the police. On reporting the theft, he was allegedly under no illusions about getting his 2,400 pills, collected over twenty years, back. Instead he claimed that forty of the pills were poisonous and he was worried about what would happen if anyone swallowed them.

I wonder if the good-citizen-act will hold up in court? After he meticulously stored the illegal drugs in coin collecting folders over two decades, all because he liked the colours, shapes and logos printed on them.

It sounds like a ludicrous hobby to me. What’s more, officials across the water in the Netherlands are wondering whether they can even charge the man – since the pills have disappeared, they can’t nab him with a possession charge.

Drug crime is a nasty business – have a look at Crimestoppers’ website if you need information about drugs. And if you want to pass on information about a drug dealer anonymously, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or fill out the secure online form on their website.

Drugs are illegal – whether you are a buyer, seller, or in this case, a collector. My advice to this young Dutchman? Stick to stamps.

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