22 December 2009

It's snow joke

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that The Caped Crimestopper cracked a smile when he read the latest funny calls released by Crimestoppers. I think we could even go as far to say that the charity deserves a round of applause for forcing a giggle or two out of him!

Anyway, I’d have to agree with our Caped Crimestopper – those funny calls did make me chuckle. But not as much as the snow-related calls they told me about.

One caller rang to complain about the council not gritting the roads, while someone else rang to see if there was anything the charity could do about an offensive-looking snowman which had a carrot in a very rude place indeed. Not to mention the person who called to complain that Father Christmas himself had been spotted at a shopping centre, stinking of alcohol!

The last one is my favourite, however. A homeowner rang to tell Crimestoppers that his flashing Santa had been stolen and accused his neighbours of trying to sabotage his efforts in the street’s Christmas decoration competition.

Ha ha ha, or ho ho ho as he himself would say. Remember that Crimestoppers is available to take genuine calls about crime all over the Christmas period on 0800 555 111. For those of you who love to do a bit of 'online surfing' like me, the charity also has an online form that you can use to pass on information.

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