11 January 2011

Don't let thieves get their hands on your Christmas presents!

It's funny how Christmas suddenly seems so long ago. Once those decorations come down and you get back into the work routine the festive season feels like a distant memory...that is, until you look around and remember all the great presents you received! New cape, smellies, Enrique Iglesius album and some shiny new leather trousers are just some of the goodies that Santa brought me this Crimbo.

Could you imagine my dismay then if a burglar tried to target mi casa and steal all my Christmas goodies, never to be seen again?! A happy new year it would definitely not be!

I saw yesterday though that crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers has launched their first ever product to tackle exactly this problem.

The ingenious Crimestoppers Property Protector, launched as the charity celebrates its 23rd year, has seen Crimestoppers expand its work to help people protect their valuables and to deter those pesky thieves. The product's also backed by PC Tony Stamp (aka Graham Cole) of 'The Bill' fame.

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