7 January 2011

Drink driver takes goat on 'date'

I've heard of some far-fetched excuses to avoid punishment before but in all my years of crime-fighting this one really takes the biscuit!

A 54-year-old farmer in Poland was three times over the drink drive limit when he was stopped by police. As the police officers approached his vehicle they noticed an usual figure sitting in the passenger seat....his goat!

When the police started questioning the farmer he claimed that the goat had been feeling 'lonely' of late and so he'd taken the wee fella to a neighbouring farm to go on a 'date' with a female goat.

Who says romance is dead eh?!

Apparently the goats really hit it off and the man admitted to sipping a few vodkas to celebrate. What wasn't a cause for celebration though was the fact that he lost his license and may well face jail for drink driving.

That'll serve him right for all that 'kidding' around!

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