27 January 2011

Help catch the Most Wanted distraction burglars in the UK!

As you know, in my line of work I'm apposed to any form of crime...but there are some offenders that really are the lowest of the low. Distraction burglars trick their way into people's homes - often targeting the elderly and vulnerable who live alone - to steal from them.
Distraction burglars take advantage of the people who trust them and enter people's properties on the premise of 'reading the meter' or telling the victim they urgently need 'repairs' to their roof, which they can provide. 

Burglaries traditionally peak during February, so to help catch the worst offenders of distraction burglary and to warn members of the public about who they let in their homes, crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers has launched the Top Ten Most Wanted Distraction Burglars campaign.

Some of these individuals have not only stolen money and possessions from elderly people - some of whom were over 90 years of age - but they've traumatised them further by launching violent attacks on them because they know the victims can't fend for themselves. 

You can make a real difference by looking at the images and descriptions of the top ten Most Wanted distraction burglars and giving any information you have anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or through the untraceable online form.

Remember, calls aren't recorded, your number won't be identified and you'll never have to go to court.

View the top ten Most Wanted distraction burglars here

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