17 January 2011

Do you recognise the UK's Most Wanted?

If only we all had a secret weapon up our sleeves (or concealed under our capes) in the fight against crime! Crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers certainly have, as the Most Wanted section of their website continues to prove to be an effective tool in the battle against Britain's bad guys.
Since launching in 2005, over 1000 people listed on Most Wanted have been arrested - that's an incredible 21% success rate! A big pat on the back for all those brave members of the public who've helped catch the nation's biggest crooks!

Most Wanted really helps, as it allow members of the public to view images of wanted people and then pass on vital information about their whereabouts. So you can view people that are wanted in your area and play an active role in making your community safer.
Remember that all information given via the 0800 555 111 hotline or the untraceable online giving information form are completely anoynmous and no one has ever been identified in the 22 years since Crimestoppers began! So you're in safe hands...unlike the UK's Most Wanted....

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