4 November 2009

London mayor saves woman from street attack

As a superhero I'm always one to notice good deeds done by others, especially when they involve keeping the community safe. Today I'm sending a virtual high-five to Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, for helping protect a local resident.

Franny Armstrong, documentary maker and environmental activist, was being hassled by a group of young girls wielding an iron bar in Camden, north London on Monday night. She called to a passing cyclist, who turned out to be Mr Johnson, for help. Mr Johnson chased the girls away on his bike and returned to walk Ms Armstrong home.

Ms Armstrong said she didn't notice the girls approaching because she was busy texting.

Even those who know their local streets inside out can get into trouble if they're not savvy of their surroundings. I'm a tough guy but I still follow general safety practices like walking with my head up and swinging my arms - looking and acting confident can help you stay safe.

Andrew Greenslade, a former long-service police detective, special branch officer, and crime investigation skills trainer, has written an article of practical personal safety tips for Crimestoppers. Have a read of Be safe and stay safe and learn how to keep yourself safe. After all, if you get into trouble you might not be lucky enough to have Mr Johnson cycling down your street at the same time!

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