25 November 2009

Just because you like Twilight, doesn't make you a vampire

Now that Jedward have left the X-Factor, there is another debate involving an Edward on everyone's lips: have you seen the Twilight film New Moon yet and if so, are you team Jacob or team Edward?

Not having a preference between vampires or werewolves, I'm finding it difficult to choose...

One man in America certainly demonstrated his preference in a bizarre, scary (and illegal) way this week.

A 17-year-old girl was watching New Moon with a friend in a Miami cinema when a man sitting in the row ahead started making inappropriate comments at them. As the girls left the cinema following the film, the man approached them and bit one on the neck. The bite luckily didn't piece the skin but (understandably) shook the victim up.

Every now and again articles come up in the media about pop culture inspiring people to commit crimes. Often discussions focus on whether violent computer games, films and song lyrics have resulted in society becoming more violent. Hopefully nothing like this happens again and the Twilight films can stay as they’re intended to be – as fiction.

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