11 November 2009

Crime-fighting at the Winter Olympics and Paralympics

As much as I love the UK, one of the main things I miss about Spain is the mild weather. I woke up today to frost on my lawn for the first time this season - winter is upon us and, as a man of the sun, I'm not a fan.

The only decent thing about winter is snow sports. I'm a boarder through and through. My goatee tends to get a little frosty doing it though.

In my mind, the highlight of this winter is bound to be the Winter Olympics, being held in Vancouver this February. Global events like these provide different challenges to security and law enforcement agencies.

The charity Crimestoppers have appealed for the public to pass on information anonymously about crimes that may negatively impact the Games. Information passed to Crimestoppers about the Winter Olympics is passed on to Canadian Crime Stoppers to help the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit, which is in charge of security, to enable the Games to be played in a safe and secure environment.

Help protect the Winter Olympics and Paralympics – arguably the best thing about the chilly season – by spreading the word about this campaign.

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