27 September 2010

Drug dealer caught on camera by their own CCTV

Today I read about dopey drug dealer Darren Bradley, who has been jailed after he was found guilty of conspiracy to to supply cannabis.

In February this year, police raided homes and businesses connected to the drug dealer.  In the boot of his car they discovered a 16.7lb [7.6kg] stash of cannabis and at his mother's house they found a pistol and eight bullets.

Bradley claimed to have no knowledge of the cannabis - despite it being in his own car - or the gun, saying that he didn't even notice the smell of the drugs.  Mr Bradley's mother was even arrested as the gun and bullets were discovered in her house.

But police found the proof they needed to show that Bradley wasn't being truthful when they checked the drug dealer's own CCTV system. Footage from the cameras at Mr Bradley's home showed him inspecting the huge stash of cannabis, believed to be worth around £38,000.  His fingerprints were also found on the pistol and his 65-year-old mother was later released without charge.

Job done!

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