21 September 2010

Tackling crime in Glasgow proves a safe bet

I'm pleased to tell you about a new initiative in Scotland that's tackling crime in Glasgow's East End. Scotland Crimestoppers have partnered up with William Hill and Strathclyde Police for the joint campaign that focuses on betting shops in Springboig.

Launched on 21 September, the campaign is aimed at ensuring that betting shops remain safe for customers and staff, prevent them from being targets for criminals and also to encourage anyone who has any information on crime to report it to Crimestoppers anonymously.
The campaign centres on the bookmaker’s betting shops in Crammond Terrace, Edinburgh Road, Tollcross Road and Westmuir Street and involves distributing leaflets and posters in the surrounding shops and houses.

As well as reminding people how they can contact Crimestoppers if they have information on crime they wish to give anonymously, the public are also reminded that people could qualify for a cash reward of up to £10,000 through the Association of British Bookmakers. Yes, you heard me right...that's 10,000 smackeroonies up for grabs!

This reward scheme makes payments to members of the public for their assistance in achieving a successful prosecution following a robbery of a betting shop(s) or an attack on betting shop staff.

If you would like to give information anonymously about a robbery at a betting shop, an attack on betting shop staff or any other crime you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or fill out our untraceable online Giving Information Form.

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