30 June 2010

A thief that does the dishes?!

Usually when a thief breaks into a home they bring tools, gloves, a torch…and washing up liquid?

In all my years of fighting crime, I have never heard of a crime quite like this one. A criminal that stops to do housework? Sometimes this is a very odd job.

Lee Dixon was arrested after he was connected to over 100 break-ins. In that time he stole £120,000 worth of items - but also stopped to do the dishes at some homes. It has been said the Lee was a ‘gentleman’ style burglar. He did little damage to the properties he stole from and like I mentioned earlier, he even stopped to do the washing-up occasionally.

Dixon’s partner did not know of this ten month crime spree that was going on. He had been laid off as a labourer and racked up a £10,000 debt, so he turned to stealing to pay it back.

The police were ecstatic when they arrested Dixon from Frome, Somerset. He was caught using stolen Marks and Spencer vouchers and his fingerprints linked him to all of the break-ins. The police are glad to have this dish-washing thief in captivity. He was a hard criminal to catch because he seemed so normal. It is said he suffered from bipolar condition and his friends were shocked about his crime spree.

Burglary is a serious crime that greatly upsets those that are victims. If you have any information about burglaries and you do not feel like talking to the police you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously at 0800 555 111 or through the untraceable online form.

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