23 June 2010

Officer gets on his bike to raise money for Crimestoppers

Working in the Superhero industry it is always nice to know there are people that support us in what we do. So I was ecstatic when I came across a story about PC Matt Cann, a Hertfordshire Police officer and the great thing he is doing for Crimestoppers!

Matt and thirty other people are cycling all the way from Black Heath in London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris! They are leaving today and their goal is to get there by Saturday 26 June. Can you believe it? That is over 300 miles. Of course they will be taking a ferry to get over the Channel. Matt is clearly very passionate about Crimestoppers, like myself.

Matt decided to use Crimestoppers as his charity because he has received so much help from them at his job. He thinks Crimestoppers is a very important charity to the police and he wanted to give back.

Matt is funding this trip out of his own pocket so any donations that are made will be given straight to Crimestoppers! He is trying to raise at least £1,000. Help Matt reach his goal and sponsor him by going to his Just Giving page. He has also set up a Facebook page where you can follow his progress.

I wish the best of luck to Matt and the other cyclists on their journey to Paris!

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