5 July 2010

Operation INFRA-RED

I am a firm believer that law enforcement do the best job they can to track down criminals. That said, sometimes crooks manage to evade capture by moving countries or going into hiding. It's in times like these that you come in - the eyes and ears of people on the streets can prove invaluable in tracking down wanted fugitives.
Interpol know this better than anyone. Today they have launched Operation INFRA-RED, a campaign that aims to track down 26 wanted criminals on the run across the globe.
You may ask "What type of crime do you have to commit to have your name put on a global wanted list?" 
"A very, very serious one," is my answer. 
The people wanted under Operation INFRA-RED are wanted for crimes ranging from murder, to sex offences, to gang and drug crime. These are the kind of people that come with a warning message: If seen, do not approach.  
Crime Stoppers International is supporting Operation INFRA-RED and you can view images of the 19 wanted individuals with European links on the Most Wanted section of the Crimestoppers website. You can see images of all 26 people wanted under the campaign on Interpol's website.
If you have any information on the wanted individuals, be sure to get in touch with Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or filling out our secure online form. Alternatively, you can email Interpol at fugitive@interpol.int

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