18 June 2010

Nude burglar leaves evidence ‘behind’

Fighting crime you come across all kinds of unsavoury characters, though some border onto just plain stupid. I recently read about a man in Kentucky, USA, who decided to burgle someone’s home whilst wearing just a thong. I can only assume it was a particularly hot day as such an outfit is far from conspicuous. And this is not a look most men can pull off easily, not even me, who can usually look good in anything!

This guy then thought it would be a good idea to film himself whilst robbing the house at 3am. There’s one major problem with this idea though. The criminal accidentally left the video at the house he was burgling. D’oh! When police arrived all the evidence they needed was right there on tape. As I said, just plain stupid.

Unfortunately not all burglars decide to leave such evidence behind. Many are experienced criminals who leave little or no clues about their identity. This is where you come in. Crimestoppers allows members of the public to give information anonymously about crimes such as burglary. If you have information about someone who may be involved in this, or any other type of crime call the anonymous hotline on 0800 555 111 or send information via the
Secure Online Form.

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