28 January 2010

Man caught trying to break into prison

You sometimes hear about people that have escaped or absconded from jail but you rarely hear about people doing the reverse and trying to break into prison. Despite the absurdity of it, that's what a man in Oregon, America, tried to do.

The 28-year-old was seen by prison officials at 4.10am Monday morning scaling the Jackson County Jail fence. When police got the man down, he said he had been drinking and smoking marijuana before climb. He claims he had wanted to get help from the jail and when nobody answered the front door, he thought he would try the back.

The unfortunate man was booked by police for disorderly conduct and trespassing. I hope he got the help he needed elsewhere; as this story proves, entering or exiting a prison through anything other than the official entrance, doesn't seem to go down well.

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