13 January 2010

Join Ricky Hatton in the fight against crime

As a superhero, being fit and quick on my feet is more of a necessity than in other professions. I keep in shape by competing challenge events for Crimestoppers and by helping the less mobile carry their shopping. That said there are a few people I wouldn’t want to face in a fight, even if I was wearing my cape.

One of those is national hero, Ricky Hatton. He’s a lad known for packing a mean punch in the ring and sticking by his local Manchester roots out of it. I’ve got some insider news for you – Ricky Hatton’s got a new fight coming up – one against crime. Crimestoppers is working on a new campaign with Ricky called Fight Crime.

As part of it, Ricky is calling on Greater Manchester residents to help him make communities safer by passing on information about crime to Crimestoppers anonymously.

As Ricky said: "Throughout my career I have received great support from people throughout the North West and now I would like them to support me again as we seek to make our communities safer and better places to bring up our kids. By supporting Crimestoppers we are taking the fight to the criminals.”

Sounds like a good deal to me.

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