16 November 2010

Fake fashion funds crime

To tempt you into buying their products, counterfeiters often sell fakes at lower prices than originals would be sold for. Don’t be fooled – fake fashion items are often lower in quality than genuine goods and could fall apart soon after purchase.

But beware...buying fakes can be dangerous as well as inconvenient.  This is especially true for kids’ clothing, which is subject to legal safety standards that fakes are unlikely to comply with.

This can be very dangerous, for example if the material is flammable or in the case of hi-tech clothing items like insulated hiking jackets or waterproof shoes which fail to provide protection in extreme conditions. Fake sunglasses can also provide inadequate UV protection from sunlight leaving the wearer at risk of eye damage.

So you might think you're saving a few pennies but is it really worth the risk?  Or worse still, you might think you've got a bargain Christmas present for someone but then they realise they've been given a fake!
Read more about fake fashion at Fakesfundcrime.org or watch Crimestoppers' video Fake Fashion Funds Crime.

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