23 November 2010

Fake fags fund crime

Did you know...fake products may seem like a cheap deal, but you can actually get more than you bargained for.

Take fake cigarettes for example, they can contain all sorts of nasties. Tests have shown that as well as containing excessive levels of tar, nicotine and chemicals, fake fags can also contain sawdust, actual insects and (brace yourselves) rat droppings!

Also, because fake cigarettes are sold on the sly, it's harder for police to make sure that they're not sold to under-18s....so children are more likely to get hold of them.

There are a number of ways you can tell that your cigarettes are fake. To find out about how to spot fakes and for more information about the dangers of fake fags go to Crimestoppers' microsite: fakesfundcrime.org

Remember, you should be suspicious if you see anyone selling cigarettes on the street, at their own house or flat, from vans, in pubs and clubs, at betting shops, at car boot sales, in tanning salons and in workplaces. It's obvious that these are not the usual outlets where cigarettes are sold so be wary!

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