25 November 2010

Fake DVDs fund crime

As the charity Crimestoppers continues its month-long Counterfeiting campaign, today we're focusing on the problem of fake DVDs.

In the run up to Christmas you may find yourself tempted to grab a 'bargain' and buy something which you know might not be a genuine branded product just to save a few pennies. But by buying fake goods you could be funding serious organised crime including drugs smuggling and people trafficking.

Then there's the disappointment of the person who realises they've been bought a fake...that's not the kind of surprise you want on Christmas day! And I'm sure you won't be too popular either!

Find out more about the links between fake DVDs and serious organised crime at fakesfundcrime.org

Meanwhile the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) have trained a crack team of specialist sniffer dogs who can locate hidden DVDs by smelling the chemicals used to make optical discs.

Watch sniffer dogs Lucky and Flo in action, fighting crime canine-style:

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