9 July 2010

Caravan stolen with owner inside!

Imagine the scene; you’re relaxing in your mobile home after a long drive to your holiday destination. You’ve got that great, holiday feeling. Then, you realise your caravan is on the move, only it’s not you doing the moving.

I recently read about 73-year-old William Roberts, who was inside a £17,500 caravan when thieves decided to steal the vehicle. When he realised what had happened the pensioner managed to find an opportunity to escape. Mr Roberts, from Towyn, North Wales, ran from the vehicle when the thieves stopped at a lay-by.

Can you imagine?

Britain has a large number of caravan-owners who, no doubt, will be enjoying the warm weather by getting away in their mobile homes. But with minimal security, caravans can often be seen as an easy target to thieves. Don’t let thieves ruin your holiday, read handy advice on how to stay secure in your caravan on Crimestoppers’ Yell.com blog.

If you want to give information about robbery or any other crime, contact Crimestoppers’ anonymously on
0800 555 111.

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