22 October 2010

Rewards on offer to beat drug dealers!

Nobody wants drugs being dealt on their doorstep. So UK crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers is taking action against drug dealers in Rugeley, Staffordshire, by offering rewards to those people with information on drug dealers and other criminals in the area.

The new campaign is in response to a recent survey where locals wanted to see more action taken to rid the streets of drug dealers. It aims to inform locals that they can call the charity about criminals and crimes and remain completely anonymous. That means they'll never have to go to court or even give a statement.

The campaign involves postcards being delivered to homes in the area with the message ‘drug dealers can no longer hide in Rugeley’. Posters and leaflets are also being distributed in the town’s library and welfare office.

The other great thing is that if the information Crimestoppers receives leads to someone being charged, not even convicted in court, then the caller is entitled to a reward. The cash is paid out using a code so the person giving information is never revealed.

Good work Crimestoppers for helping  to get drug dealers behind bars!

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