22 December 2010

Another Most Wanted is captured in Spain!

So another one bites the dust as crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers confirm the arrest of another of Britain's most wanted individuals under Operation Captura. As the 38th arrest out of 50 appeals, the operation, which aims to locate wanted fugitives known to be on the run in Spain shows no sign of slowing down.

Dennis Patrick O'Brien was arrested on 18 December in the Costa Del Sol. Identified as one of Britain's most wanted men in December 2007, O'Brien faces prosecution for conspiracy to supply cocaine with a street value of £166 million.
We all know that crime doesn't pay but proof of this old adage came in November this year when the High Court granted SOCA's application to seize O'Brien's assets including a pub and substantial funds from his bank account.

Finding O'Brien wasn't easy to say the least. The hunt for him went all over the globe including Peru, England, the Netherlands, Spain and saw gang members tailed to Hong Kong and Dubai.

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