7 April 2010

You are the Weakest Link

I love watching quiz and game shows, especially ones where I might know some of the answers. I'm a fan of Deal or No Deal not because I think Noel Edmonds is dishy, but because I imagine that if I was on the show I'd be as good a contestant as anyone on there.

I was watching the Weakest Link last night, knowing a few answers here and there when all of a sudden, up came a question I definitely knew the answer to:

"In the UK the charity established in 1988 that runs a free phone number for people to report unlawful acts anonymously is crime..."

And guess what the contestant answered? Crimewatch! Wrong answer - Crimestoppers is obviously the correct answer!

While I was excited that the profile of Crimestoppers is high enough for it to be appearing on the Weakest Link, I was disappointed that once again the charity has been confused with the BBC1 TV programme, Crimewatch. (I've had a previous rant about Crimewatch that you might recall).

Please keep spreading the word that Crimestoppers is different to Crimewatch and hopefully next time someone is asked about us on a quiz show they'll get it right. If you want to check out the Crimestoppers question on the Weakest Link, you can watch it on BBC iPlayer. The question is 11 minutes 20 seconds into the episode.

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