11 March 2010

Sheep: edible, entertaining and a mystery

Over the past couple of weeks it seems the UK has gone sheep-crazy. The other night I was flicking through the telly channels when I stumbled across Lambing Live - a show which, according to the BBC website, follows "the life and death drama of lambing".

The only real involvement I've had with lambs before is in the form of a lamb tapas or a lamb roast. I was surprised to see just how much action happens on farms.

Reading the news today it seems that lambs are not only a source of television entertainment and food, but also a source of mystery amongst police.

Mystery sheep

Police in Dumfries and Galloway have said that they are looking for a missing flock of 17 Jacobs sheep. It's not known exactly when the sheep went missing, between 2 February and 5 March is the estimate, but police have revealed that there were no holes in the paddock fence. Hmmm... It seems we have an old-fashioned mystery on our hands.

I'll keep you posted if I hear any updates on this one.

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